About us

Having been established for over eight years, AGB Pest Control has gained many years’ experience with all kinds of pest infestation in properties across South West London. Not only has our knowledge led to us to find the most effective methods to remove the pests but it has also helped us to find ways to stop the reoccurrence of these types of creatures from re-entering your property. While some pests are easier to deal with than others, we make sure that we can provide a service that runs smoothly either way. Whether you have a rat infestation or are looking for a bird control service, give us a call today, and we will book an appointment with you as soon as possible.

Being in an urban area, pest control problems can be much more common than in other areas due to the close proximity of the houses. Many pests including Rats and Mice are in constant search for food and shelter and will often chew their way through properties causing much damage. Other pests such as birds and insects can cause a huge amount of mess and even carry some diseases with them.

If you need a Pest Control service, call AGB Pest Control today on 0203 566 8120 or 07407 415 165 or email us on agbpestcontrol@gmail.com and we will arrange a time and date to suit you. Whether you are experiencing Birds, Rodents or Insects within your property, we can provide a quick, effective service that will remove the pests efficiently. We will also give you our best advice to reduce the chances of the pests returning to your property.